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First Few Days

After a whirlwind of activity, the first few days are coming to a close. Based on what I can tell, the weeks to come could prove just as intense. Tuesday basically consisted of an all day orientation, with lots of activities geared towards introducing us to each other and to what we can expect as […]

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About two months ago, a member of my Peace Corps Romania Group 28 created a Facebook page. This has been an invaluable resource as we prepare for service. The page connects new volunteer trainees with existing two, three and even four year volunteers, while also building the sense of community among our fellow newbies. Early […]

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As anyone likely to be reading this blog already knows, I will be shipping off for a twenty-seven month tour with the Peace Corps; serving in the Eastern European country of Romania. Many of you have expressed an interest in being kept abreast of this adventure; thus 27 Luni has been born (Thanks to Tim […]

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