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As part of the agreement between a host country school and the Peace Corps, a municipality must provide adequate housing for its Volunteer.  Being that this is the Peace Corps those requirements are for the bare essentials only; a safe and secure location away from locals bars, within a reasonable travel distance to the school, and […]

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Immediately following our conference in Sinaia I was convinced to delay returning to site by a couple of days to visit the nearby city of Brașov.  A few volunteers had wanted to make the most of their time in this part of the country and since it’s so close we figured ‘Why not?’  Brașov is […]

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Sinaia is probably the most beautiful location in which I have been required to attend a work related conference.  The small tourist town is nestled in the Bucegi Mountains in Prahova County, conveniently located (for me at least) about 60 kilometers north of Ploiești and Valea Călugărească.  Winding through the endless green mountains, travelers find […]

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